Freeman Beesley can provide engineering advice at all stages of a project:

Engineering Approach and Sustainable Design

All projects have their own unique challenges and designing suitable engineering solutions is a complex process.

Once we have gained an understanding of the Project goals and priorities, we will work with the Client and the other members of the professional team to design systems that address the issues and achieve the objectives.

We will provide cost estimates of the building services installations for Clients and then use the agreed target cost plans as part of the brief.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are an integral part of our role and play a major part in influencing the overall building design.

Current statutory legislation generally incorporates minimum sustainability and energy efficiency targets and most projects now include low carbon and renewable technology solutions such as CHP, heat pumps, thermal solar panels and photo-voltaic panels.

The general approach for all projects is to achieve the most energy efficient system design within the given constraints whilst making sure that the proposed system designs are suitable.

All designs are now carried out using BIM software.